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Good Bowls®

Good Bowls® are based on the Mediterranean diet with a Southern twist. Good Bowls integrate southern staple foods like collard greens, sweet potatoes, peppers, corn, and beans into our recipe. The food is prepared in exciting, innovative ways, consistent with the healthful Mediterranean diet. They are rich in healthy fats, such as olive oil and canola oil, and use spices (instead of excessive salt) to create unique, flavorful tastes in every bowl.

Advantages of Good Bowls


Good Bowls are based on the clinically-proven Mediterranean diet. The recipes are plant-forward with generous amounts of vegetables and whole grains. And in keeping with the Mediterranean diet, they also have healthy oils.


We've surveyed hundreds of customers. We've made, and continue to make, modifications to our recipes to produce the tastiest bowls we can.


The frozen meal keeps for months and re-heats in 4 minutes.


Good Bowls are SNAP-eligible, making them accessible to customers who purchase food with EBT (food stamps).

Why Frozen vs Fresh?

Longer Shelf Life

Good Bowls can be kept for months compared to weeks for fresh meals.

Less Waste

When fresh food expires, it must be thrown out.

Comparable or Better Nutritional Content

Food used for frozen meals is picked at its prime and frozen. Fresh ingredients are picked before their prime and shipped, losing nutritional value as they travel.

Highly Scalable Production

Frozen meals can be produced on a large scale, greatly reducing costs and making the meals affordable to a wider range of customers.

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